Select the Best FUCOIDAN Product

FUCOIDAN Product Analysis


Many FUCOIDAN products on the market have different FUCOIDAN content. Their content will reflect its quality and price value so if the product contains a small amount of FUCOIDAN extract then the price of the product will be low. (I will compare prices and products in another article.) If you’re not familiar with FUCOIDAN, it is a sea vegetable extracted from brown seaweed, which it is believed to have immune boosting and anti cancer effects (read more about FUCOIDAN here).

In order to get complete FUCOIDAN’S Health Benefits you need to take the following into consideration:

Health condition

Minor conditions can be from immunity, hypertension, common cold and the flu. For these types of diseases or illnesses the amount of FUCOIDAN needed is not very large. Serious conditions like diabetes, HIV, Cancer and others may vary. In order to get the health benefits needed to treat such diseases you will need a specific amount of FUCOIDAN sufficient enough in order to have an effect on your body and health.

How to differentiate HIGH quality over LOW quality FUCOIDAN products?

Since there is no official definition for FUCOIDAN, it is hard to identify standardized FUCOIDAN purity measurements. Furthermore, it is known that different types of brown seaweed have unique molecular structure, therefore each FUCOIDAN have a different level of efficacy so just because a product claims to have FUCOIDAN, it does not mean that its content or quality from brown seaweed is the best. Brown seaweed Mozuku is believed to have the richest FUCOIDAN compared to others.

(I will compare different types of brown seaweed in the next article).

Seaweed over FUCOIDAN Extract

Even though FUCOIDAN is extracted from brown seaweed, the difference between consuming seaweed blend or raw seaweed rather than having FUCOIDAN extract supplement is very large. You would have to consume 10 lbs of brown seaweed in order to get 1.25 grams of FUCOIDAN. It is also not practical to eat pounds of brown seaweed because of the amount salt and iodine put into the body.

FUCOIDAN is Not a Drug

FUCOIDAN is a potent natural ingredient that will help you control any side effects, provide a modulator, enhance immune system and give you the health benefits needed to fight diseases.

Here is a list of some FUCOIDAN products I have tried on the market:

  1. Umi No Shizuku FUCOIDAN contains 30g in a bottle (capsule type) and 63.75g per box (drink type) 85% FUCOIDAN, 15% Agaricus. (Contains highest amount of FUCOIDAN content from unique brown seaweeds.)

  2. Limu Moui litter bottle contains 1.4g per bottle

  3. Poseidon’s U-Fn contains .6g per bottle

  4. Swanson Greenfoods FUCOIDAN Extract contains .5g per bottle.

  5. Doctor’s Best FUCOIDANcontains .3g per bottle.

Reasons I chose Umi No Shizuku Fucoidan

After months of trying different brands, the content level of FUCOIDAN extract wasnt enough. This Japanese brand has way beyond the others on the list. With 85% FUCOIDAN along with an extra 15% of Agaricus Blazei ( –another type of cancer fighting food), together, they support, promote, and sustain your health.

It is very important to take into consideration HOW MUCH FUCOIDAN YOU NEED TO TAKE. Therefore, comparing prices should be based on FUCOIDAN “Quantity & Quality”, not on number of capsules. If you do not take the right amount of FUCOIDAN depending on your condition, it will do little effect and you do not want to waste your time and money.

I cannot wait to try different formulas out there that will help me maintain my health and wellness, please provide other natural blends you highly recommend.

Thank You for visiting and taking an interest in this article!!

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